Domino’s is delivering pizza in a Snap. The brand has collaborated with Snapchat to create a shoppable lens that lets you view pizza in augmented reality, then click to order a real pie through the app. Though Snapchat’s national lenses don’t come cheap, they might be Domino’s ticket to teens’ stomachs.

Snapchat lenses are a prime platform for teens, with as many as 70 million people playing with them every day, according to Snapchat. That makes them an ideal space for brands.

However, the company launched shoppable lenses back in April, and few brands have tried out the technology. One exception is Clairol, which allowed users to try on different hair colors in AR before tapping to buy the matching product, and Adidas, which promoted its Deerupt running shoe on the platform before directing users to its site.

It’s no surprise that Domino’s is trying on the new lenses, as the brand has always been ahead of its peers when it comes to digital innovation. For example, in 2017, Domino’s introduced a new feature on a microsite called the Domino’s Wedding Registry that offered a creative spin on traditional wedding registries. The feature allowed customers to send and receive gift cards for pizza and sides instead of traditional wedding gifts.

Just two spots below rival Pizza Hut in Gartner L2’s Digital IQ Index: Restaurants, Domino’s deals a well-rounded digital performance. It earns the highest site traffic out of all tracked brands, with over eight million monthly desktop visits and 17 million monthly mobile visits. In addition to leading in visibility for pizza keywords on Google, the pizza chain has over a million Instagram followers, having gained nearly 400,000 in a single year. To top it off, Domino’s masters the delivery game with its interactive tracker on desktop and mobile, live chat on Facebook, and via Amazon’s Alexa.

As convenience is continually redefined, embracing AR on a social platform such as Snapchat could bring about a new dimension of delivery for Dominos. However, only time will tell if the payoff outweighs the price of Snapchat’s expensive national lenses.

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