The best way to find the next big thing in social media is generally to look for teens. Not just teens by volume, but teens by ratio. Look for where the parents and professionals aren’t. In the photo-sharing world, that place is SnapChat. With more than 100M quick-erasing photos shared per day–a figure that dwarfs Instagram’s 45M–the two-year-old social app is growing at a pace that has brands wondering what brands always wonder: how can we build a community there, and more to the point, how can we monetize it? According to research from our newly-released¬†2013 Social Platforms report,¬†SnapChat’s growth is impressive but brand presence is still nascent and nowhere near the likes of Facebook or YouTube or even Vine.

In our newest video interview, L2’s Head of Research & Advisory Maureen Mullen discusses SnapChat’s rise and talks specifically about the platform’s potential for branded content, which, as she points out, highlighting a few early-adopting brands, is starting to take hold.

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