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Marketing agency PM Digital released a report last week saying social media accounts for 12% of traffic on Beauty brand sites, more than in other industries. Our Intelligence Report: Instagram also found Beauty brands were benefiting from the social media platform by having the fastest-growing and most engaged communities after the Watches & Jewelry and Hospitality categories. Smaller beauty brands with a cult following Lush, Urban Decay, and Essie outperformed established brands in engagement.


Beauty brands are highly active on all social media platforms. 100% of brands in our Digital IQ Index: Beauty (released in November) were present on Facebook. 89% were on Twitter and 88% were on YouTube, and many used standout creative methods. For example, Benefit’s #realsies campaign asked fans to post selfies with lashes coated “They’re Real!” mascara for a chance to win a yearlong supply. Estée Lauder handed over its account to model Joan Smalls (who had an Instagram following four times as large) to temporarily guest Instagram. 


Perhaps, other industries can benefit from using some of the Beauty category’s tactics for a stronger social media presence and higher returns on social investments.  

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