Blog-Resize (1)To attract fans, several brands in our Digital IQ Index: Spirits have made their sites a resource for cocktail recipes and drink discovery. Stolichnaya’s site has a database searchable by glass type, mood, occasion, taste, and vodka. Alongside the recipes are bartenders’ insider tips for making drinks flavorful. Stolichnaya promotes it by sending monthly emails with seasonal cocktail recipes and encouraging readers to share their creations with #StoliOriginals.


Hendrick’s takes a more whimsical approach, classifying cocktails by skill level and occasions such “Noonday Revivers”, “Moments of Exquisite Irrelevance”, “Time for Tea” and “Punch O’Clock.” The illustrated site includes a blog with irreverent topics such as how the human body should evolve to enjoy cocktails better.


Smirnoff’s site has 240 recipes for the brand’s 42 flavors. Rémy Martin’s site has few drink recipes since most of its products should be consumed pure. Instead, it offers a curated list of food treats made by brand chef Philippe Saint Romas.


These creative approaches are great ways to imprint a brand in consumers’ minds by being helpful. If entertaining or useful (or both), they can bring a lot of repeat visitors looking for a fun read on Hendrick’s fantastical history or how to expand their mixology skills.

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