Savvy Spirits brands are benefiting from the mixology trend and featuring cocktail recipes on their sites. As in the Food sector, recipe integration can drive traffic and conversions for Sprits brands. But while Food brands like Betty Crocker and Ghirardelli have made recipes a cornerstone of their digital marketing, Spirits makers often underutilize these assets.

L2’s Insight Report: Cocktail Recipes finds that most brand recipe pages lack interactive elements like videos and shopping list functionality, which could boost engagement. While 84% of brand sites in L2’s Spirits Index feature cocktail recipe pages, a mere 23% host videos. User ratings, another helpful feature for consumers, have been adopted by less than 10% of brands.

Cocktail recipe functionality

Mobile recipes is another area where Spirits brands fall short. Although 84% of desktop sites feature recipes, that proportion falls to 75% for tablet sites and 68% for mobile sites. For example, Skyy vodka includes cocktail recipes on its desktop site and Pinterest page, accompanied by photographs. However, visitors to the brand’s mobile site see only a picture of a drink.

Skyy's mobile site lacks recipes

Genius brand Absolut is one of the few to have mastered the formula. The brand’s extensive Drinks Library, available on both desktop and mobile sites, lists more than 3,500 recipes sortable by spirit, taste, glass type, and color. Consumers can also search by the ingredients they have on hand, and the recipes themselves boast detailed descriptions, user ratings, and videos. Users can also share recipes on Facebook, effectively making them ambassadors for the brand.


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