China’s latest viral app illustrates the power of celebrities in the Asian country, offering a marketing hint for brands seeking to boost social engagement.

On Fenda’s WeChat account, users pay to ask celebrities public questions. If enough other users pay to listen to the answer, they can earn money back. However, most users seem to be leveraging Fenda to get closer to their idols, rather than for making money. One female fan paid 2,999 yuan to tell actor Zhang Ziyi, “I haven’t taken a break for three days in a row because my mind can’t stop thinking.”

Brands could take advantage of this fixation by offering exclusive celebrity content, particularly on WeChat, the country’s most popular social platform. For Luxury brands, celebrity-related items already outperform other types of content on the platform, according to L2’s Luxury China: WeChat report. By helping users feel closer to stars, they could potentially increase those numbers.

WeChat likes

That trend holds especially true for Watches & Jewelry brands, whose celebrity posts consistently boast higher-than-average like counts. However, only 15% of Watches & Jewelry brand posts feature celebrities. As Luxury brands continue to see low reach on WeChat, this strategy could help them tap into the platform’s potential.


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