Stranger Things superfans need not look far for signs of their favorite Netflix serial. Selena Gomez’s latest song features a synth-pop sound that echoes the eerie melodrama of the ’80s show, complete with comic-bookish¬†cover art and moody lyrics, and fashion house Louis Vuitton included Stranger Things merch in its SS18 womenswear show. Even brands tapped into the show’s out-of-this world popularity, giving followers something to squeal about until Season 2 finally aired on Friday (at 3:01am, a minute after the “devil’s hour“).

From Eggos to EDM, here’s how brands in every category milked the Stranger Things craze:

Eggo: Netflix and the frozen food brand paired up to commemorate Eleven’s famed waffle-snatching scene with an extensive line-up of Stranger Things inspired promotions. Promotions included recipes for a nine-course meal (one course per episode), a wandering waffle truck, and a Google Chrome extension created especially for blocking #spoileralerts.

Lyft: Although this collaboration might seem unexpected, it’s nothing compared to the hair-raising ride dubbed “Strange Mode” that the car service offered last weekend. Waffles and trucker hats replaced the usual car icons, and spooky sensory features took riders on an unpredictable trip. While some of the features (like the driver vomiting up a slug in front of you) might be taking things a bit too far, the Eggo reward at the end was a little easier to digest.¬† Enhanced by the Halloween timing, the collab serves as a testament to how far fans will go to experience Stranger Things phenomena.

Reebok: For the sneaker freaks out there, Reebok is dropping a Ghostbusters sneaker in honor of the Stranger Things kids’ Halloween ensembles. The space-white sneaks are covered in hand-drawn designs (identical to those worn in the character Dustin’s Halloween costume) and will set buyers back a cool $140, but are a step in the right direction for brands looking to jump on the throwback trend.

Google: The brand is going back to the ’80s by simulating a good-old-fashioned walkie-talkie through which owners of Google Home and Google Home Mini can talk to Dustin — static radio sounds and all. While it’s unclear whether users will be able to communicate with the other characters, the promotion serves as a quirky reminder to fans that they can also stream the show using their voice-activated Google Homes.

Snapchat: Once upon a time, an event was not an event without a Snapchat filter. Despite trailing sadly behind other platforms (read: Instagram), this latest collaboration could be the refresh the brand needs to get back in the social media game. Snapchat is now working with Netflix to offer an AR-enhanced world lens that takes Snapchatters through the paranormal world of Stranger Things, possibly running into a Demogorgon or two.

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