Mobile operators are stuck in a desktop-first mentality when it comes to digital advertising—ironic given the nature of the products and services they sell.

While only a quarter of traffic to mobile operator sites comes from desktop, 72% of ad impressions by brands in Gartner L2’s Digital IQ Index: Mobile Operators are served on desktop devices. This falls to 60% when Orange France is excluded, as the brand’s 23.5 billion impressions—nearly half of the total—skew the data.


This desktop-first mentality is consistent across nearly every country in the Index. Only operators in Spain and the Netherlands shift the majority of their advertising to mobile.

France is the most active ad environment for mobile operators in Europe, with Orange dominating the Index on desktop, and Free Mobile leading on mobile as the most active mobile advertiser in the Index.

Mobile operators need to embrace a mobile-first mindset to meet their customers where they are browsing—on their phones—over placing ads in a more familiar desktop environment.

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