As Super Bowl ad spots become more expensive each year, brands attempt to maximize the return on every dollar by extending game day campaigns online. However, L2’s study on the 2016 Super Bowl finds that producing additional content specifically for an online audience may not be worth the cost.

To extend ad campaigns beyond the airing on television, some brands provide additional content on social media outlets to provide a more holistic story for those interested. The approach prevalent on YouTube was to upload an extended version of the spot, and rely on organic traffic for views (of the supplement content). A comparison of view-counts for the original spot (supported by paid advertising) and the supplements found that strategy to be ineffective. Trickle-down views to content that hadn’t been aired during the Super Bowl were minimal, or almost non-existent.

super-bowl-2016-digital-impact-employ-of-extended-versions-and-or-bonus-contentExamples of such flops: Snickers produced four videos in addition to its Super Bowl ad, and they received 40,000 views total. TurboTax’s five additional videos garnered an average of 3,500 views. Shock Top uploaded 14 additional videos along with its game day ad, and they received approximately 1,930 views each at the time of the study.


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