In the first day of Super Bowl week, we look at data from to see who is winning the pre-Super Bowl race for online views. As of now, Dove, Carl’s Jr., and Victoria’s Secret take the overall lead, while Bud Light, Old Spice, and Carl’s Jr. have been trending in the past 24 hours. Dove’s Real Strength commercial surpassed others in not just views, but in social actions. Real Strength received 172,722 social interactions in the past seven days, close to 4x the interactions of runner up Carl’s Jr.’s Au Naturel. The hashtag #realstrength (featured as the Dove ad’s call to action) was tweeted 1,287 times in the past week. Dove’s initial success shows how a hashtag social action can propel a social response to a game time ad. As this graph from L2’s Digital IQ Index: Beer shows, brands are increasingly using hashtags as a call to action in their game time ads, and forgoing other CTAs such as URLs.

BEER-01Newcomer to the Super Bowl Wix impressed as well. Wix holds the 9th spot for Super Bowl SOV (Share of Voice) as of today with 12,403 social actions, close to Super Bowl veteran Bud Light. The video featuring Emmitt Smith following his dream of opening a line dancing studio displayed the campaign hashtag #ItsThatEasy throughout.

We’ll be revisiting the online reach of Super Bowl brands later this week. Stay tuned.




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