The women’s activewear landscape on Amazon is more fragmented than the men’s category, meaning that established brands must contend with small independent entrants…and Amazon natives.

Amazon natives accounted for 72% of women’s activewear Best Sellers listings in Q1. On average, these brands offer products at half the price of traditional brands, and have product titles twice as long as their counterparts. These brands compensate for minimal brand recognition with discovery via unbranded search, taking the lion’s share of Best Sellers listings in niche categories like plus-size sports bras.

Sports bras—a category dominated by Amazon natives—accounted for nearly a fifth of all women’s activewear Best Sellers listings in Q1. In particular, Amazon native Mirity rose 25% to become the third-best Q1 performer in women’s activewear.

Mirity’s top Best Seller item is its popular sports bra multipack, and the brand optimizes for search visibility with detailed product descriptions. Owning 12% of sports bra Best Sellers, Amazon native SYROKAN beat traditional brands Champion at 10% and Fruit of the Loom at 6%. SYROKAN captured the majority share of Best Sellers listings with an assortment of just 20 products focused on high-impact sports bras for plus-size women. Amazon native Glamorise successfully appealed to this consumer as well, amassing over 7,000 reviews on its No Bounce Full Figure sports bra. In contrast, traditional brand Fruit of the Loom relies on multipacks of basic sports bras.

Amazon performance

Simply replicating the basics-driven assortment of men’s activewear leaves brands vulnerable to nimble Amazon natives. The success of brands focused on plus-size sports bras may indicate an opportunity to promote similar assortment on Amazon. However, as activewear brands refine Amazon assortment, they must clearly articulate product attributes and benefits to maximize visibility and hedge against Best Sellers erosion by nimble Amazon natives.

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