These days, you can hardly turn a corner without running smack dab into a Swarovski crystal-encrusted something. Or, in the case of the water bottles the Austrian brand helped turn into $200 luxury items, just a smattering of loose crystals.

A veteran at personalizing content, Swarovski has found a niche as a mass luxury brand, according to L2’s Digital IQ Index: Watches & Jewelry. Collaborations with names like Victoria’s Secret, Nike, and Alexander McQueen have solidified the brand’s stance as an affordable version of luxury. If an item exists, it can almost always be Swarovski’d.

The brand’s latest collaboration with MasterCard extends that trend into the virtual realm. Consumers can take a virtual tour through the Atelier Swarovski home decor line using a specially-designed VR headset (Swarovski-encrusted, of course) and a VR app. Inside the virtual world, one can look each piece up, down, and all around, learn about how it was made, read descriptions, see prices, then buy the item with a few blinks of the eye and the help of MasterCard’s digital payment service Masterpass.

A growing group of companies are experimenting with virtual or augmented reality commerce, particularly in the furniture and home decor sector. For example, IKEA and Houzz both have AR-enabled apps that allow customers to see what items would look like in their homes. However, shoppers still have to step out of that reality to make their purchase. Swarovski and MasterCard remove that reality check — one second that could make all the difference.

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