swarovski‘Genius’ brand in our 2013 Digital IQ Index: Watches & Jewelry report launched the “Ready, Set, Get Caught” campaign to drive consumers to stores and encourage interaction with salespeople. From now until November, every two weeks Swarovski will present a look consumers can be spotted in or “caught” at the store for a chance to win prizes. The current look is a piece of red clothing in time for Valentine’s Day, and the prize is a signature Swarovski crystalized Vespa helmet. Swarovski suggests a piece of jewelry to pair with each look.


Swarovski’s always on digital strategy raised its rank to number two of 80 Watches & Jewelry brands in our Index, topped only by Tiffany & Co. The brand consistently runs campaigns that increase its visibility. Last year, for example, it produced its first feature movie Romeo and Juliet featuring Swarovski jewelry on the heels of Tiffany’s Gatsby campaign. The brand built anticipation for the Romeo and Juliet release starting in 2012 with a presence at Cannes. The brand is a fan of user-generated content as well. It hosted the #SwarovskiRio Instagram contest in March and recruited bloggers to judge entries.


Swarovski’s newest campaign also has the pillars of successful multichannel strategy, driving consumers to the website to discover new looks, bringing them to the store, and encouraging them to stay long enough to be spotted.

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