As global Activewear makers Nike and Lululemon encroach on the U.K. market, native brand Sweaty Betty is establishing its own credentials with lifestyle content.

On Twitter, the brand veers away from direct promotion and instead shares fitness content from its blog and images of brand ambassadors wearing its products. And while most other brands in L2’s Digital IQ Index: Activewear UK take a perfunctory, inquiry-driven approach to interactions on the platform, Sweaty Betty adopts a more informal style, retweeting customer posts and involving Twitter users in interactive contests. It also uses the platform to promotes its YouTube channel, which features workout videos starring top trainers.  The brand garners impressive engagement rates as a result, but has yet to compete to reach the levels of local accounts of giants like Nike and Adidas.

Activewear engagement

On Pinterest, where 85% of users are female, Sweaty Betty emphasizes lifestyle to an even greater degree. The brand curates lifestyle-oriented boards with headings like “Quotation and Mantras” and “Food and Drink,” a strategy that has helped Sweaty Betty build an impressive community. On a platform where the average Index brand has 276,000 followers, the company has amassed over 940,000 – testifying to how lifestyle content can be effective as a branding tool.

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