Describing itself as “the personal shopping assistant you always wanted but never had,” new iPhone app Swirl sounds more gimmick than useful retail tool. But don’t be fooled by the casual language, because the new Facebook-integrated app (the brainchild of serial entrepreneur Hilmi Ozguc) offers three important functions: (1) it automatically curates a user’s personalized stable of approved retail outlets based on inputs and real-time shopping/purchasing behavior, (2) it geolocates timely and proximate deals on items at these retail outlets and alerts users to them, and (3) it allows users to share post-purchase their shopping experience with several different groups, including one’s Facebook friends and, if interested, like-interested communities within Swirl’s larger network.



In addition to teaming up with retailers like Nordstrom and GAP, TechCrunch reports that Swirl also enables its users to easily keep tabs on more than 100,000 individual items sold in 30,000 stores nationwide. With a rich search and clean “my clips” display (see above), Swirl centralizes and simplifies the browsing and buying process. Instead of manually bookmarking the URL of a wishlist dress and maybe remembering (but probably forgetting) to check in on its price-reduction come sale season, simply tag it in Swirl and let the app alert you if and when the price drops. Still in its early phase developmentally, Swirl plans to eventually integrate additional services for those on the other side of the transaction — brands and retailers — that will help them gauge the effectiveness of promotions and assist them in measuring how the app is driving traffic to their front doors.


(Images via Swirl)


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