Fifty-two percent of consumers self report that they buy more when they are recognized across channels. Therefore it’s no surprise that the majority of retailers (56%) are looking to deliver such an experience. However, just 7% of retailers have the technology to recognize consumers across different devices and channels all of the time and half have no such capability, according to L2’s Intelligence Report on Personalization.

A few savvy retailers are ahead of the game in personalizing and recognizing consumers across devices. Not only do they merge information between mobile and desktop channels, they identify and pool consumer data obtained from in-store and digital interactions. Target is joining Simon Mall, Macy’s, Lord & Taylor in using Beacons to integrate online and in-store profiles of its shoppers, piloting the technology in 50 stores. Those who opt-in with the Target app will receive a maximum of two push notifications per visit.

Target’s strategy is to be light on messages about discount notification, or pushing content that could be categorized as spam, a smart strategy since consumers prefer notifications that improve their shopping experience to alternative offers. For example, 44% of surveyed shoppers would give more data to a retailer if it meant avoiding irrelevant and 48% said they didn’t like when companies used personal data to target offers at them.


Download L2’s Intelligence Report: Personalization for more on how retailers use consumer information to improve the shopping experience.

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