In the race to become America’s retailer of choice, Target is thriving. The retailer recently announced its best profits in over a decade, with digital sales in particular jumping 41% on top of a 32% boost the year before. Here’s how Target turned its tactics into triumph in an environment enveloped by Amazon’s looming presence.

Despite Amazon’s encroachment on its customer base, Target has remained focused on cultivating its own unique advancements and has seen improvement over the past couple of years, according to Gartner L2’s Digital IQ Index: Big Box. Much of this is due to the brand’s inward focus and remodeling of its image, both online and offline. Specifically, it’s been working on synchronizing online tools with offline assets for a more connected experience. For example, it prioritized omnichannel shoppers by providing them with their own entrance in one of its first store updates.

Additionally, Target merged digital with physical by introducing an advanced Shop the Room feature with its Hearth & Hand line from HGTV stars Chip and Joanna Gaines. The company capitalized on social media as well,¬†gaining nearly 700,000 Instagram followers during Gartner L2’s study period in addition to earning significant engagement from its Target Style account. Most recently, it launched a new handle called Target Tag that showcases the work of influencers and creators while also adding an aspirational view to Target as a brand that transcends just retail.

Currently, the corporation follows closely behind Amazon in the apparel category. It also countered the e-tail giant’s exclusivity appeal on Prime Day with a notable “no membership required” sale of its own this past July. As shots continue to be fired, Target looks like it’s on track to the top of the retail chain…for now.

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