Apple’s introduction of an NFC payment for mobile phones attracted a lot of attention among mainstream consumers. However, most brands in L2’s Digital IQ Index: Big Box have failed to fully embrace the new technology. Just 23% accept Apple Pay at the register and 8% have integrated Apple into their brand app.

Furthermore, opportunities to integrate with loyalty programs are left untapped. For example, just four brands allow users to add their rewards cards to Apple Passbook and only two brands (Office Depot and Target allow users to sign in with Touch ID. Similarly, opportunities to get browsing shoppers over the transaction line are missed. Even though 27 brands featured mobile commerce within their apps, just four brands allow users to make a purchase using Touch ID.

However, this could change as app investment dollars are moving away from rolling out additional apps to improving existing ones. Brands are adding new features such as push notification, camera integration, and to complement the shopping experience and provide a more touch-heavy mobile experience than the mobile site. Yet so far Best Buy and Target are the only two brands in the Index that have fully built out their apps with camera integration, push notifications, and the ability to purchase in-app with Apple Pay.

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