Shortly after announcing a new fashion brand, Target has introduced its first exclusive fragrance brand, Good Chemistry, which will be available in stores and online starting January 21. In a sector based largely on replenishment and old favorites, will the retailer be able to distinguish its offering?

Winning new business online can be challenging for fragrance brands. The category is driven by brand equity, and the majority of e-commerce fragrance orders are replenishment purchases. According to L2’s most recent fragrance report, most consumers searching for fragrances already have a brand in mind. Half of the top 20 Google search terms related to perfume are branded, with fashion houses like Chanel, Dior, Versace, and Burberry driving especially high search volumes.

However, given that more shoppers are drifting towards natural scents, Target’s new fragrance line has the potential to sniff out a rapidly growing audience. Vegan, paraben, and propylene glycol-free, the line touts sea salt, rosemary, pineapple, and essential oils as some of its main ingredients. Additionally, under-$25 pricing helps position the line in a way that could attract Target shoppers on the hunt for more bargains.

Target can also use samplingĀ as a way to bring shoppers to the new line, a strategy several indie brands such as Tocca have turned to for successful promotion. For example, the retailer could feature Good Chemistry in its popular beauty box, encouraging beauty fans to test the fragrance.

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