Hot on the heels of Zara’s augmented reality-activated window display, athletic apparel startup Outdoor Voices is using AR to offer early access to its new running collection. In order to see the shoes and clothing, you must open the OV Trail Shop app while running on a designated trail; the items will then virtually “appear” along the trail and can be purchased using ApplePay.

Already a women’s activewear leader, the brand is quickly becoming a digital front runner as well. Outdoor Voices previously dove headfirst into the Instagram Stories trend, which shot up to 86% use by activewear brands in 2017, according to L2’s Digital IQ Index: Activewear. One of the most noticeable brands on the platform, the label frequently underscores specific product features in its posts and enables swipe-up-to-shop functionality as a direct route to purchase.

Outdoor Voices also features videos on product pages to emphasize women-specific cuts and fits. This includes on-model video content to illustrate the technical design of its products as well as on-model video views of merchandise being used for different purposes, such as leggings designed for walking versus leggings designed for yoga. Paying attention to the rising trend of women’s activewear is a good strategy, as the market grew 4% last year to reach nearly $22 billion in sales.

Despite the brand’s knack for latching onto style and technology trends, however, it fails to keep pace with peer display advertising investments and is remarkably quiet on YouTube. Outdoor Voices may have a ways to go before it can earn a top spot in L2’s rankings, but a leap into AR is a step in the right direction for digital success.

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