Chick-fil-A just opened its largest restaurant to date. Five stories tall and topped off with a rooftop deck, the new establishment reflects the eatery’s rise up the restaurant ladder. Clocking in at number nine on L2’s Digital IQ Index: Restaurants, Chick-fil-A serves as an example of how brands that aren’t as iconic as McDonald’s and Taco Bell can still achieve fast food success. Here’s the line-up of moves the chain made to clinch its spot in L2’s top ten:

Smooth franchising. Franchising is often fraught with challenges. However, Chick-fil-A maintains a tight grip over its franchises by supporting them with substantial digital investments. For example, the brand site restaurant locator uses effective geolocation and provides listings with detailed descriptions that include location-specific offerings such as playgrounds. Most importantly, the master site links to local franchise social media pages and franchise sites featured on—a single hub for franchisees to post news and deals while ensuring that the the brand is represented professionally and consistently across platforms.

Wholesome content. When it comes to content, Chick-fil-A doesn’t let its comfort food foundation hold it back.  To highlight the freshness of its meals, Chick-fil-A’s website includes health-oriented food content such as a visual breakdown of its ingredients that addresses concerns surrounding processed foods. By tapping into how purchase decisions are made, the chain deepens and clarifies its connection with its customers.

Fresh videos. Chick-fil-A puts its best foot forward on social media, leading on YouTube with 94 million total views accumulated during L2’s study period. Specifically, its “Mornings Worth Sharing” video earned 24 million views. The video was backed by significant spend, and the creative also appeared on popular channels like REACT and Grace Helbig, demonstrating a concerted effort on Chick-fil-A’s part to promote itself to a wide variety of audiences—especially teens, for whom the fried chicken sandwich brand became a fast food favorite last year.

However, the brand still has room for improvement when it comes to its digital offerings. Because it only offers online order for pickup, it misses out on a large and crucial opportunity to serve customers who want food delivered at the touch of a button.

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