When it comes to online shopping, discounts can go a long way. When done poorly, discounts can actually cause more damage than discoverability.

Brands tend to cast a wide net, sending discount emails to a broad range of customers. However, this can exhaust substantial subsets of those customers with messaging that comes across as impersonal. Gartner L2’s insight report found that the average discount offer is sent to 37% of a given brand’s subscribers, indicating that brands are emailing these offers to broad-based segments.

Direct-to-consumer brands are increasingly capturing the hearts and wallets of consumers across the nation, with 81% planning to make at least one purchase from a D2C brand within the next five years. Facing this threat, traditional retailers often resort to drowning their customers’ inboxes with discount emails in hopes of reeling them in: discount offers accounted for 55% of email campaigns conducted over the study period.

Yet consumers report frustration toward retailers from being contacted too frequently.  Emails with content triggered by customer site engagement or transactions come off more timely and relevant than general ones. As the online market becomes more and more crowded, brands can outperform their peers by swapping frequent discount emails for fewer, more relevant ones.

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