Coca-Cola just evaporated all its social media presences — then relaunched them with a fresh, new look. The campaign, called #RefreshtheFeed and timed for the trending “World Kindness Day,” saw the beverage brand flooding its feed with nearly a hundred new pieces of content created in collaboration with four street artists and several social media influencers. Though it may seem drastic, a clean slate might be the key to capturing consumers.

As more and more consumers want companies to take a stand on social issues, Coke’s united front could give it a new appeal and lend it a much-needed edge ahead of nemesis Pepsi, which sits just one spot above it in Gartner L2’s ranking. The two brands may be neck and neck, but Pepsi is making moves to ensure its domination, including more than doubling its following on Instagram in 2016.

Still, what’s a large following without a solid message? Coca-Cola’s new look, which features messages like “You belong” and “Love is love,” comes after the company’s decision to re-evaluate and centralize its social media initiatives, according to Gartner L2’s Digital IQ Index: Beverages. Presenting a cohesive digital message is especially important for the brand, which draws 2.5 million followers on Instagram and is a top performer on YouTube, earning nearly half a billion views in 2016.

By zeroing in on issues like bullying, empowerment, and kindness, Coca-Cola could clink with customers looking for more than just a beverage. However, brands of all sectors can stand to learn a lesson from Coca-Cola’s bold move that wiping the slate clean doesn’t always mean the dissolution of a brand.

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