When the leadership team at Amazon decides to move into a space, they go all in. If you’ve been following the breadcrumbs, you’ve seen it. Amazon is coming for healthcare.

Last week Amazon, along with Acadia Group, announced an exclusive line of medical devices including blood pressure cuffs and blood glucose monitors. This was just the company’s latest foray into healthcare.

Amazon healthcare

In January, Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway, and JPMorgan announced their intention to disrupt the space, launching a joint healthcare initiative to support their employees. Six months later, Amazon bought a pharmacy. The same month, the initiative scored instant credibility within the health community when the triumvirate appointed Atul Gawande, a healthcare rockstar with no experience leading large healthcare organizations, to the CEO role.

Very soon, Amazon’s (and Berkshire Hathaway’s and JPMorgan’s) employee health and wellness initiatives will be overseen by a world-class physician, facilitated by an established pharmacy, and boast one-click access to a portfolio of at-home medical devices. How long before they add Whole Foods to the mix? How long before all of it is integrated into Alexa?

The bigger question is, how long before they offer this prepackaged health ecosystem to someone else? Is there a better precedent for taking infrastructure and turning it into a business than Amazon Web Services?

Oh, they already own the URL AmazonHealth.com. Do you hear the Amazon empire approaching too?

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