When it comes to buying personal care products, online shopping has become the norm. Yet while this has brought on unparalleled growth for e-tailers, the same can’t be said for brands.  One way for brands to ensure that they don’t get buried in a sea of labels on e-commerce sites like Amazon is through strategic placement within Google search listings.

Amazon owns the most organic listings surfaced by product-specific inquiries in five of nine categories, according to L2’s Personal Care report. Therefore, competing for the top spots in Google search results is essentially futile for brands, especially against product-specific searches, where Amazon is the most common result. Instead, brands should look to nab placement within second-order visibility on Google, which funnels online shoppers directly to points of purchase upon first click.

For example, within the bath and shower category, Amazon shines with 72% average visibility for product-specific keyword searches, like “soap bar” on Google. However, it achieves just 2% against keywords focused on how-to’s, tutorials, or research purposes, like “how to get rid of dandruff”. By optimizing for placement in second-order visibility through these keywords, brands can boost their chances of appearing in an online environment dominated by e-tailers.

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