Influencer marketing isn’t just for fashion brands anymore. Recently, Instagram reported that it has about 200 million beauty followers across the globe.

Instagram shopping apps have begun adding beauty items to their usual Outfit of the Day (OOTD) product links. One prominent example is Like to Know It, which partnered with Ulta last month.  For brands having trouble standing out amidst the Instagram fashion frenzy, betting on beauty might permit them some of the spotlight.

The stage is already set for some retailers to pursue beauty on Instagram, since these brands have already topped off their apparel offerings with beauty departments. Another benefit to targeting beauty fans on Instagram is that brands don’t need to worry about overlapping endorsements—a common and crucial drawback when incorporating influencers in fragmented and fiercely competitive categories such as retail, luxury, and activewear, as observed in Gartner L2’s influencer report. In contrast, the beauty category has a large number of product subcategories that don’t compete against one another, so an influencer’s existing endorsements may pose less immediate problems.

For retailers looking to reap the rewards of social media, catching the eye of top influencers can be a game changer. Even if they can’t manage to do so via fashion, beauty is now a certified gateway of its own.

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