Soon after the news of the latest royal engagement broke, Canadian designer Line the Label’s website crashed, with a certain pristine white coat at the center of it all. Just a simple coat, the garment sent the label skyrocketing to fame.

While brands dressing celebrities is nothing new, digital was what sparked the Meghan Markle Effect, with photos of the coat proliferating across social media and news sites. As attitudes towards luxury fashion shift from desirable to dated, brands at risk of irrelevancy can use digital to get a similar boost.

Millennial shoppers are expected to grow from a quarter of the total market to almost half by 2025. But despite scattered progress, luxury fashion continues to lag behind other sectors in digital sophistication, according to L2’s recent fashion report.

As online channels and social media platforms become the main discovery points for shoppers, brands should consider adding more layers to their digital presence. Customers who saw Markle’s coat online and coveted it likely went on to comb the internet for similar styles, benefiting brands that put digital first by investing in social marketing and unbranded search. As many as 70% of luxury purchases are now influenced by online interactions, making clear that digital is the place to be for legacy brands looking to get a leg up in the retail game.

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