Despite rolling out an average three apps each since 2008, legacy finance players have had a difficult time engaging with and winning over millennials. ¬†With the entry of fintech disruptors such as Robinhood and Stash Invest, it’s become increasingly clear that simply establishing an application is not enough. Visibility plays a crucial role in whether or not apps can maintain uninterrupted relevance for an audience that is confident with finances and competent with technology.

Just as brands battle over search terms on Amazon, Apple’s introduction of Search Ads creates the opportunity for apps to latch onto the most searched terms within the Apple App Store, thus optimizing their visibility. Based on the top ten financial services terms on the App Store, L2’s analysis of corresponding results highlights the fact that apps belonging to large financial services companies have been de-throned, especially by mobile-first apps such as Varo Money and Not only are fintech disruptors amplifying their presence with top-tier search terms, they’re also creating low-touch, nimble, and efficient app environments through chatbots, unified financial services, and augmented reality.

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