As fintech flourishes, financial brands are diversifying their digital offerings with virtual assistants. Emagia, a data-driven financial services brand, recently introduced “Gia,” its version of Alexa for the finance industry. The launch of Gia offers a better-run enterprise as it acts as an associate for finance executives. It supports chat and voice-based input and can learn to anticipate its user’s actions, allowing it to complete automatic actions like sending invoices and providing conversational support to business customers.

Digital assistance could be a way for financial brands to improve from the inside out in an environment where consumers would rather take matters into their own hands or opt for apps over traditional banks. According to L2’s Digital IQ Index: Financial Services, many firms are investing in additional site resources that help to better position themselves as technical experts.

Though Gia stands out in a sector where digital assistance has mainly been geared towards answering customer questions, it is not alone in its quest for business efficiency; Outside of the financial field, Amazon has set up a dedicated business version of Alexa and Microsoft has suggested Cortana will soon gain new enterprise analytics capabilities.

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