With several retail companies branching out into beauty and never-before-seen shades making their way into color cosmetics ranges, it’s safe to say that the conversation about beauty has changed. Gone are the days when the industry was boxed away into a tidy corner found only in drugstores; now shoppers can peruse their favorite lipsticks alongside the latest leather jackets.

Just as for clothing, however, one size doesn’t fit all. Brands that aim to remain relevant have picked up on the consumer’s need for options, especially within the complexion category.

A third of beauty brands provide images of models wearing different shades, according to L2’s recent report on complexion merchandising. Additionally, like the fragrance industry, the business of skin is now becoming synonymous with sampling.

For example, Charlotte Tilbury has taken to including foundation sample packs not only with foundation purchases, but also with non-skin related purchases. The brand also has an online foundation finder.

The fact that several beauty brands have extended options when it comes to complexion reflects the evolving beauty environment. Brands recognize the diversity of skin colors and conditions and offer products catering to that wider range. This is something Fenty recognized right off the bat, giving the brand an edge over established competitors.

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