Although there’s no shortage of men’s shaving supplies and fragrances, the thirst for men’s skin care products has yet to be quenched. Male toiletries, which includes skin care as well as hair care, is currently the fastest growing area of the men’s grooming market. More and more brands are trying to capitalize on this demand, using digital as the gateway to the millennial man.

Men’s grooming line Oars + Alps recently entered the space with skin kits sold only online, following Dollar Shave Club’s unicorn recipe. The products include a natural deodorant and facial cleansing stick similar to millennial-focused Milk Makeup’s Matcha Cleanser Stick. Unlike the green Milk stick, which deliberately avoids any suggestion of gendered packaging, Oars + Alps’ products are blue and branded with silhouettes of their namesake mountains and oars. Recently, the brand raised $2 million in funding and hooked Jake Gyllenhaal and John Legend as two of its most famous fans.

Except for its focus on digital, the brand’s marketing is similar to that of Old Spice, which still controls 9.4% of the men’s grooming market. This indicates that the accessible, “rugged” look reigns over the higher-end or clinical branding of competitors Burberry and Clinique. This strategy has proven successful for indie brand Rugged & Dapper, which markets to men “who are proud to be tough and get dirty”¬†and dominates first-page search real estate as a result.

Priced between $12 and $22, Oars + Alps products are geared towards men who care about their skin, but perhaps not enough to break out the Benjamins. Their target audience? A man who is both macho and millennial.

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