The decision of which retailers to partner with is no longer limited to Sephora, department stores, and Ulta. A new crop of beauty retailers that sell an edited list of product are becoming consumers’ source of inspiration, and brands can benefit by placing their products on the right list of recommendations or on-site banners.

Anthropologie has the most traffic of all of the new beauty retail sites L2 studied with 7.7 million total visitors. In addition, the site has the longest average visit duration (six minutes and 51 seconds) and lowest bounce rate 32%. It currently features 22 hair care and 37 skin care brands, and gives brands placement opportunities with “featured brands” and “top rated” lists. Brands can also stand out by offering bundles and using the sites rich visuals (e.g. texture swatch photos) to build out product pages.


On Credo, Rahua is doing the best. It pushes three video – more than any other brand – on Credo’s trends and tutorials page, and has outsized visibility on the “Clean Beauty Swaps” page. As a result, Rahua has 14% visibility on the category pages. Intelligent Nutrients is another brand that utilizes Credo resources. The company’s founder is featured in a “Credo Beauty Maker” video, which gives it visibility on skin care pages.


Second just to Anthropology with 5.5 million site visitors, Net-a-Porter offers a variety of displays for brands to feature their products. Net-a-Porter Live features what products are being bought around the world in real-time, letting shoppers stumble upon new products that are popular. Content-rich pages offer room for tutorials and texture photos. Bumble and Bumble is effectively using these features as it has the most visibility on Net-a-Porter gallery pages, appearing in 42% of all hair care results.


Space NK’s Trending Now, New in, Gift Lists (curated by Space NK staff) and sample selections at checkout are all valuable placements for brands. Oribe is the most visible on all Space NK channels. It dwarfs competitors by owning 80% of bestselling hair care products. Visual callouts in navigation, homepage visibility in trending now and best seller carousels increase the brands visibility as well.


Violet Grey’s status as a content destination gives brands an opportunity to play on content on its platform. Its newsletter – with a read rate of 14.3% – reaches 127K readers. Christophe Robin is an example of a brand that leverages this content destination. It is frequently featured on the brand’s newsletter and the founder is featured in the “Industry Experts” section.


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