Because the experience of fragrances is so sensory, fragrance brands often struggle to connect with their communities on social media. On Instagram, the category accounted for barely 3% of interactions with brands tracked by L2 between Q3 2016 and Q2 2017. 

Similarly, fragrance brand content on YouTube fails to align with consumer search behavior on the platform. The top perfume-related queries fall along the lines of product research, yet brands barely appear on the first page of results for searches like “Best Women Perfume” and “Perfume Reviews for Women,” indicating a widespread failure to optimize for this platform.

Instead, fragrance brands have continued a legacy strategy of deploying a campaign hero video as the primary content for a product and then repackaging the video in different sizes to populate their YouTube channels. The most-viewed YouTube videos by fragrance brands in Q1 all featured celebrities, which helped them gain mass appeal — although brands had to back these posts with heavy ad spend to generate scale. Even for the most popular video, Guerlain’s “Mon Guerlain – Angelina Jolie in ‘Notes of a Woman,'” only 29% of views were organic.

However, a growing cohort of influencers have recognized the content gap and are creating videos that help to answer these questions. Jeremy Fragrance is the leader in the category, appearing in the results for 49% of generic fragrance queries and boasting 182,000 followers. The influencer frequently includes the words “best” and “top” in the titles of his videos, pushing them to the top of search results.

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