Pinterest just took a page from Instagram’s e-commerce playbook. As of last week, the creativity platform is now incorporating “Shop the Look” tags (similar to the ones Instagram employs) that allow users to search and shop different components of a picture. Here’s what the addition might mean for both brands and Pinterest in the future.

Pinterest has been on the path to finding its true purpose for some time now. It has traditionally emphasized social commerce but also recently launched retargeted advertising—a sign of its desire to improve targeting sophistication, according to Gartner L2’s intelligence report on the topic. With its latest initiative, however, Pinterest might be able to push over the edge of social commerce as it takes priority. Now, brands can directly link shoppers to their website and/or product page to buy merchandise minus the pesky presence of a third-party app.

In the past, Pinterest has made efforts to hop on the social commerce train via initiatives such as a Secret Santa tool that encouraged users to buy gifts ahead of the holiday season. The platform also paired up with Home Depot for an interactive campaign that let browsers explore virtual rooms in 360 degrees and shop the items inside. With the newest change in tow, Pinterest has opened up its Shop the Look tool to creators and small to mid-sized businesses so far, but may open up to all brands in the future.

For brands looking to break out of the Instagram grid but maintain a visual appeal, the newly evolved platform might now reap more practical reward than simply providing inspiration to browsers. Additionally, for brands that might have otherwise overlooked or scoffed at Pinterest, the platform is officially more than just a pretty portfolio.

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