Some hotels invest in common spaces, events, bars, and pop-up experiences to perk up publicity. Kimpton Hotels went the opposite direction and zeroed in on rooms—one in particular: Room 301.

In September, Kimpton, which escalated from Average to Gifted in Gartner L2’s Digital IQ Index: Luxury Hotels, launched Room 301. The room was branded as an interactive social experiment at the Kimpton Everly Hotel in Los Angeles, where guests were given a glimpse into the lives of previous occupants through various mementos left behind: a guest book, Polaroid pictures, message boards, and a shared Spotify playlist. The crux of the campaign relied on transforming an ordinary hotel room into an Instagram-worthy space, meaning Kimpton had to commission a legion of artists and influencers to bring the vision to life. In making these efforts, though, the hotel was able to elevate itself from label to lifestyle while also capturing valuable, hard-to-come-by data on clientele.

Prioritizing its trend-seeking millennial audiences, Kimpton partnered with fashion and lifestyle bloggers Late Afternoon and Allegra Shaw, who each tout nearly 200,000 followers. They provided Kimpton with 38% and 95% increased average engagement, respectively. The newcomer made sure to include smaller influencers too, such as Hang It Up LA, whose 31,000 follower base brought Kimpton a 58% lift and 52% lift on two Room 301 posts — a testament to the power of small, engaged audiences. Finally, the hotel rounded out its targeting practice by working with family-oriented influencers.

The collaborations were more than just name-dropping, though: 73% of the influencer posts ended with a call to action, urging users to book and including a link to Kimpton’s Room 301 website in particular. Every post included a location tag for the Kimpton Everly Hotel and at least one campaign hashtag. The brand also created a Story tile for each influencer, all of which contributed to one master story for Room 301 that was eventually archived as a permanent highlight to extend the shelf life of the brand’s investment in influencers.

Kimpton’s Room 301 demonstrates how quality can win over quantity when it comes to capturing audiences. Focusing on one room and a few relatively small influencers might seem underwhelming, but were able to bag massive publicity for the brand, proof that promoting a project to a wide audience as a unique experience can pack a winning punch.

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