Home Depot is taking home improvement to Pinterest. The big box retailer’s new interactive campaign, “Built-In Pins,” lets shoppers explore virtual rooms in 360 degrees and shop the items inside. The move demonstrates how brands can use Pinterest’s unique features to reach consumers in a different way from other social platforms.

Unlike on Instagram, content visibility isn’t determined by follower count, but by what users want to see. If you type “green sofa” into the Pinterest search box, you’ll get the pin most relevant to those keywords. With 200 billion monthly searches, the platform is essentially a tool for search and discovery: 97% of the 200 million global pinners search for unbranded terms. This emphasis on relevance over recency means that brands can turn to Pinterest as a way to target audiences on a granular level without worrying about appearing dated.

Well-versed in digital advancements, Home Depot earned a Genius ranking in L2’s Digital IQ Index: Big Box. Its key digital offerings include how-to videos and 360-degree product views, which can be found on both the retailer’s website and YouTube channel. The Pinterest campaign, the first of its kind for the brand, takes that approach a step further.

Pinners aren’t just looking for pretty things to look at, as on Instagram. They’re often searching for things they can buy or make. Built-In Pins takes advantage of that fact, making items within the 3D rooms fully shoppable. Users can also click on video pins to watch home makeover clips that showcase Home Depot products, bridging the gap between inspiration and purchase.  

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