Influencers just aren’t what they used to be. Grown-ish star and influencer Luka Sabbat was recently sued for failing to influence. Specifically, the social media savant didn’t hold up his end of the bargain in a partnership with Snapchat to promote the platform’s Snap Spectacles on—yes—Instagram. Though this isn’t the first time an influencer hasn’t pulled their weight, could this be the straw that snaps the influencer culture camel’s back?

It’s no secret that Snapchat has had its share of lows, though it clearly isn’t giving up without a fight. In its most recent crack at staying current, the platform paired up with Luka Sabbat, who boasts over a million followers on Instagram. However, he only shared one of three agreed-upon Instagram Stories and also failed to get his post approved with Snapchat before making it public.

Though these might seem like trivial tasks, influencer marketing can be a formidable tactic when trying to get ahead of an oversaturated social media setting. Mega influencers such as Sabbat don’t always rustle up the most engagement; smaller influencers can rack up significantly more interactions, according to Gartner L2’s intelligence report on social platforms. If Snapchat wants a real shot of staying alive, it might just be better to go home than go big.

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