The first model with albinism, a transgender model, and a cancer survivor are just some of the faces featured in Wet n’ Wild’s new “Breaking Beauty” campaign. Although the brand is decades younger than many of its rivals, its focus on inclusivity can teach other brands a lot about speaking to an audience and staying authentic.

Wet n’ Wild has consistently maintained lower prices than the competition. Their lipsticks, for example, cost only 99 cents. As a result, the brand has been etched into the memories of many consumers as the very first cosmetic products they were permitted to purchase. This emphasis on low prices is reflected by the products featured in the campaign, none of which cost more than $9.

This tactic has proven successful, as evidenced by the brand’s social popularity. While L’Oreal, Revlon, and Almay are typically more spotlighted at the drugstore and on television, Wet n’ Wild has a larger following on Instagram, with 1.6 million followers. The brand’s response time on Facebook is an hour or less, highlighting its accessibility. In contrast, Revlon can take up to a day to respond.

Along with affordability, cruelty-free production and trendiness are two other key points of distinction. Wet n’ Wild stands out for its colorful, no-rules-allowed Instagram aesthetic and quick reaction to viral moments in the beauty world, like the rainbow highlighter dupe heard round the world last year. The highlighter, which set customers back just $5, capitalized on two trends that had taken over the years 2016 and 2017, highlighter and unicorns — a glittering example of how this brand practices its trends-for-all mantra.

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