When supermodel friends Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid became brand ambassadors for Estée Lauder and Maybelline New York, respectively, both companies released videos on YouTube announcing the new partnerships. However, Estée Lauder used TrueView In-Stream advertising to boost the visibility of its video, while its competitor did not. As a result, the Kendall Jenner video attracted four times more views.

This case study makes clear that YouTube success doesn’t come without spending. Most brand videos with high view counts are supported by advertising. But L2’s Intelligence Report: Video finds only a moderate correlation between view counts and the share of views that come from paid advertising, suggesting that success also requires compelling content.

However, there is no hard-and-fast rule for what kind of content attracts the most viewers. The L2 study found that among videos uploaded in Q1 2015, there was no statistically significant relationship between content type and percentage of organic viewership. For example, the Beauty & Hair Care brands with the most organic views had few commonalities in terms of content.

Top 10 YouTube Brand Channels with the Most Organic Q1 2015 Views From Top Videos

Some content types generated many organic views for one brand, but failed to benefit others. While Aussie attracted the most organic views of any Beauty or Hair Care brand by launching a series of videos featuring popular influencers, other brands that also prominently featured influencers performed less well. This suggests that a confluence of factors, such as brand recognition and search visibility, determine which videos ultimately achieve success on the platform.



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