While e-commerce still represents a minuscule percentage of retail sales, digital channels play an increasingly important role. P&G, for instance, says half of sales are now influenced by digital. P&G brands claim seven of the top 10 spots in L2’s Digital IQ Index: Home Care, thanks largely to the fact that the CPG giant was among the first of its peers to invest heavily in digital marketing and now dedicates more than 30% of its working media budget to digital channels. In total, L2’s report examines the digital competence of 69 Home Care brands in the U.S. market.


Clorox1. Clorox

Digital IQ: 141

The Clorox Company brand stands out online: It achieves high site visibility for non-branded laundry keywords on Google (e.g., “red wine stains”) and consistently controls over a third of first-page real estate on bleach-related terms across Amazon, Target, and Walmart. In terms of mobile, Clorox is one of only a handful of Home Care brands implementing a defined app strategy, having released a new app every year since 2011. The brand has also introduced a digitally integrated, retailer-agnostic loyalty program. For the category, @clorox has a large Twitter audience. Unconventional sponsorships include unveiling the brand’s Smart Seek Bleach during New York Fashion Week last September, with Cloey De La Rox Vine videos and a direct-to-Facebook photo booth.

2. Tide

Digital IQ: 138

Tide dominates first-page results for detergent search terms across multiple e-tailers, and its merchandising efforts on Amazon product pages are best-in-class. Tide is also a winner on Twitter where it has more than 150,000 followers, by far the most among Home Care brands in this report. Like rival Clorox, Tide has found opportunity in New York Fashion Week. This year the brand enlisted a celebrity stylist to create videos, tweet @Tide, and co-host a #TideChic Twitter party. Tide’s Fashion Week-centered web and mobile ad strategy included ads on targeted fashion-oriented sites.

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3. Swiffer

Digital IQ: 131

Among Home Care brands, Swiffer dominates YouTube. Its channel has amassed more than 33 million views, and a pet-hair-remover ad from mid-2014 is the second most-watched video in Home Care. Swiffer also boasts the highest site traffic registered in L2’s Home Care Index. And like fellow P&G brands Gain and Charmin, Swiffer consistently supplies enhanced content across its top five SKUs on Amazon.


Lysol4. Lysol

Digital IQ: 130

A mid-2014 site refresh includes an improved menu structure and filtering options that enhance the user experience on mobile and tablet devices. The site, which received around 91,000 unique visitors in January, deconstructs the category’s typically elaborate product finder process by integrating unobtrusive one-question surveys throughout, including on the home page.


Gain5. Gain

Digital IQ: 128

A December site relaunch improved product comparison tools and e-commerce options. The mobile version of ilovegain.com provides an efficient shopping experience that blends customer reviews with seamless handoff to P&G Shop, Walmart.com, and Drugstore.com. The #MusicToYourNose sweepstakes demonstrates innovation on Instagram, while @gain has achieved a healthy Twitter following.


6. Charmin

Digital IQ: 127

Charmin manages consistently high visibility on e-tail sites. Its humorous approach to social media (#TweetFromTheSeat) resonates with followers, from Twitter to YouTube.


7. Downy

Digital IQ: 124

The “Rip Your Clothes On” commercial has garnered nearly 8 million views on YouTube since its December debut, and Downy’s “Be More Huggable” video also lands in the YouTube Top 10 for Home Care brand videos. Downy comes in at No. 4 in terms of Twitter followers in the Home Care space.

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 5.09.49 PM

8. Bounty

Digital IQ: 123

Bounty demonstrates the highest organic search visibility among its P&G peers on relevant product terms. Its web advertising efforts cater to mobile and tablet users. And @bounty has amassed more than 60,000 followers, a good showing for the category. The brand also launched a Pinterest presence in the past year.


8. Cottonelle (Tie)

Digital IQ: 123

A robust investment in CRM compensates for Cottonelle’s lack of investment on YouTube relative to its immediate competition.


10. Febreze

Digital IQ: 122

Febreze’s programming efforts on Facebook (where it has 1.94 million fans) drive the third-highest number of post interactions among Home Care brands. Meanwhile, the brand’s “Noseblind PSA,” featuring Jane Lynch, gained traction last summer, providing a framework for site content beyond the basic product catalog.

10. Glad (Tie)

Digital IQ: 122

Glad’s strong SEO performance in non-brand search terms is bolstered by strong SEM efforts targeting chief rival Hefty. Even as Glad masters the basics of SEO, the brand is extending its digital strategy 
to all four dimensions, including “test-and-learn” approaches on emerging platforms like Pinterest.


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