Prestige beauty sales in the UK are rising, attracting both brands and retailers to claim their share of the winnings. Across digital, enterprises are investing in content, advertising, and innovation in order to maintain high visibility across categories. These are the companies whose ranking in L2’s Digital IQ Index: Beauty UK changed most dramatically in the past year:



Doubling down on investments in beauty-specific content for mobile advertising campaigns and on the brand site helped Gucci increase its Digital IQ by an impressive 43%. The refreshed Gucci site includes improved navigation, increased filtering options, and how-to videos that link to product pages.


Part of the Unilever portfolio, Simple jumped up from Challenged to Average thanks to increased investments in advertising. An increased share of vlogger mentions and editorial appearances also helped the brand, and its search optimization efforts deliver increased ownership against unbranded skincare search terms on Google.

Giorgio Armani: AVERAGE to Gifted

A new mobile-optimized site prioritizes omnichannel and e-commerce features including saving a favorite location and single-page checkout. Armani also began distributing on FeelUnique and saw improved product visibility on Boots.

Beauty enterprise UK



The Swiss skin care brand’s site lacks basic content and guided selling, and product pages aren’t optimized for mobile browsing. Given the success of other brands like Gucci and Armani in this regard, La Prairie will need to step up its site and mobile investments.


Pervasive third-party distribution of brand products on Amazon, coupled with low product visibility across all e-tailers, dragged down Aveda’s ranking as the brand continued to prioritize its hair care products over their skincare counterparts. Meanwhile, load times for both the mobile and desktop site lag considerably behind the average.

Elizabeth Arden: GIFTED to CHALLENGED

Losses in discoverability on Boots, Amazon, John Lewis, and House of Fraser led to Elizabeth Arden’s sharp decline in Digital IQ. In addition, the brand continues to see a low volume of vlogger and influencer mentions across platforms, hurting its ability to tap into the interest of younger, digital-savvy consumers.

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