Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 12.46.44 PMIn a previous post and in our fifth annual 2013 Digital IQ Index: Fashion report, we mentioned how user-generated content has been taking over brand pages, and in some cases replacing user photos. One website,, has made a business of shopping photos of people who wear brands. The site curates street style and blogger photos, and adds to them links to online retailers that carry exact or similar items.

Created by Belgian fashion designer Cathy Pill and digital marketing specialist Sarah Levin Weinberg, the site partners with retailers and brands to feature their products. It boasts a list of affiliates that include Jimmy Choo, Miss Selfridge, Reiss, Yoox, Joseph, Matches, J.Crew and Matches.

For users, the site makes searching easy by categorizing photos based on trends. For example, current trends are Boy Meets Girl, Flower Drama, Metallic Chic, Red Alert, and Cool Blues. Users can also opt to only see photos taken outside of fashion shows or browse items by category.

The site is available for use but still officially in beta. The extent of its partnerships show how valuable user-generated photos have become to brands.

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