Nancy Pelosi isn’t just the likely future House Speaker—she’s also a fashion influencer. The politician was spotted leaving her combative Oval Office meeting Tuesday in a red coat, which quickly caught fire on social media.

People went crazy for the coat, echoing last year’s hype around Meghan Markle’s white outerwear. Memes popped up. A Twitter account was made. Many wanted to get their hands on the coat, and while some began to compiling lists of lookalikes, true fans wanted the real one, later revealed as a Max Mara design from 2013. However, potential buyers won’t have to scavenge resell sites to get an original. The brand announced Wednesday it would bring back the Glamis coat in 2019, not just in red but “in a variety of colorways.”

Max Mara was smart to ride the wave of the trending red coat by getting involved in the conversation on social media. This move also established the value of its coats, which are “designed to last a lifetime,” as Pelosi proved by wearing hers five years after getting it.

Sustainability has become a major influence on the fashion industry, as proven in Gartner L2’s Digital IQ Index: Fashion Global. While some brands have already established themselves as leaders in the space, others are rushing to catch up.

With more consumers demanding sustainable, environmentally friendly values from the brands they shop, transparency is the way forward for many luxury fashion brands. Max Mara is proving that it understands that by taking control of the conversation. 

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