In today’s competitive search landscape, jewelry brands have trouble standing out across geographies, particularly when it comes to competing against regional players. Only Amazon manages to maintain top unbranded search visibility across regions, thanks to a combination of strong SEO and paid investments in regions with weak organic reach. The rest of the top ten players in unbranded search are largely regional department stores and specialty retailers.

However, one brand manages to maintain top-class visibility across most regions: Tiffany. In all geographies, the jewelry company beats out rivals for visibility on jewelry keywords, according to L2’s latest report on luxury e-commerce.


Like Amazon, Tiffany uses a mixed strategy across regions, combining strong organic and paid investments in order to ensure visibility on key terms. In Germany, where Tiffany has its lowest organic reach, the brand invests heavily in Shopping ads. As a result, its reach is expanded from 13% of jewelry keywords to 33%.

France is the country where Tiffany appears the least on the first page of search results. However, the French market is markedly more fragmented than any other region. Every other brand tracked by L2 appears organically on fewer than 5% of unbranded terms, indicating the difficulty of establishing visibility in this fragmented market.

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