Tiffany & Co.’s redesign is paying off. The company announced a sales lift for last year’s holiday season and the first quarter of this year. Along with introducing an Instagram-ready cafe, here’s what the brand did to keep its sparkle from fading after two years of sinking sales.

While many jewelry brands struggle to gain visibility against retailers and digitally-native upstarts on unbranded keyword searches,Tiffany & Co. is one of just two brands tracked in Gartner L2’s Digital IQ Index: Watches and Jewelry to consistently earn more than 10% organic visibility in its respective category. The company does particularly well in terms of maintaining first-page organic visibility on searches for jewelry keywords centered around weddings and engagements, a strategy that permitted it 28% visibility on those terms.

The luxury label capitalizes on content, repurposing its Super Bowl ad featuring Lady Gaga on social media posts. Additionally, it maintains a robust website with best-in-class product pages which contribute to strong organic Google search visibility.¬†Extensive shopping and text ad buys have kept Tiffany & Co. on top in paid search while high brand visibility on industry publications, such as Vogue and Elle, have helped keep it top of mind. It didn’t miss out on mobile opportunities either, making sure to translate the same investments on its desktop site to its mobile site, including strong omnichannel capabilities.

Most recently, Tiffany’s has tapped into younger audiences by featuring celebrities such as Elle Fanning and Maddie Ziegler, as well as interracial and same-sex couples in its latest campaigns. Experiential retail is in vogue, especially among luxury brands, which sell products that signal status and lifestyle. Notably, surveyed US consumers are increasingly looking for brands that sell a lifestyle and provide unique experiences beyond simply selling products.By adding a relatable, story aspect to its high-priced products, Tiffany & Co. was able to keep from sabotaging itself into oblivion.


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