Summer is typically a drought for business news, particularly anything relevant to luxury. Sure, quarterly revenue reports can make headlines, the occasional IPO can creep up, but for the most part, big luxury news waits until the first fall Fashion Week. For tech, at least this year, the story couldn’t be more different. Since Memorial Day, giants in the industry and start-ups alike have been incredibly busy with high-profile hires, high-profile fires, product reveals, product delays, eventful earnings calls, and above all, major acquisitions. Of the big four — Apple, Facebook, Google and Microsoft — seven of their nine multi-million or billion-dollar acquisitions have taken place in the past three months. In the past two days alone, Microsoft finalized its deal with multi-touch display manufacturer Perceptive Pixel and Google announced its purchase of social marketer Wildfire.


For a descriptive roadmap of all the activity, see our timeline below.




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