Brands have notoriously had a difficult time recruiting from digital native companies (e.g. Google, Amazon, Facebook), but L2’s Human Capital Index has a few tips for organizations seeking digital talent:

Choose a location near technology companies. Proximity to tech hubs can be leveraged to recruit tech talent. For example, Walmart’s new San Bruno location has helped the organization attract 300 individuals from the big four. Of those, 218 are from Walmart’s biggest rival, Amazon.

Focus on all departments, not just tech. Nike aims to create a retail experience that resonates with millennials. Instead of spending outsized amounts on poaching expensive tech talent from the big four, the company hired several recruiters from Apple and used them to identify and hire leading store personnel.

Target a specific company with relevant talent. Kimberly-Clark has deliberately targeted Amazon and poached their e-commerce leaders. Six percent of the Kimberly-Clark team comes from Amazon, and 46% of the Amazon employees have 10+ years of experience.


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