Barely a year after its inception, Instagram Stories boasts more active daily users than Snapchat — and retailers have changed their digital strategies accordingly. Instagram Stories accounts for 95% of Instagram and Snapchat posts by brands in L2’s Digital IQ Index: Big Box, a sharp change from 2016, when most retailers focused on Snapchat.


TJ Maxx is one of those brands. Last year, the brand didn’t use Instagram Stories; this year, however, TJ Maxx posted more Stories than any other big box retailer during the study period.

All the brand’s stories focused on the Maxx 50 Challenge, in which TJ Maxx partners including @my_a_list and @whitney_lynee took over the brand’s account and shopped the store, looking for the best finds under $50. The digitally savvy partners posted an average 17.5 times for every takeover and took advantage of polls and other popular Instagram Story features.

Instagram Stories

Other big box retailers were less successful at leveraging sizable communities. Guitar Center, Home Goods, and Marshalls posted stories on less than 15% of days during the study period and captured less than 2% share of voice. Maybe they simply lacked creative inspiration. If so, they could look to TJ Maxx’s engaging content, which gave followers something to look forward to and proved that the retailer is making Instagram Stories a priority.



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