While many social media platforms are sowing stars and saving lives, Snapchat remains woefully behind in its decision to embrace influencers and add the layer of depth its users have been craving. In a recent survey that asked influencers to name the most important platform for them, not a single participant cited Snapchat.

After the recent shift of users from Snapchat to Instagram, the app had its share of negative headlines. Recently, it finally warmed up to social media stars by extending verified accounts to influencers who weren’t just Rihanna or Kylie Jenner. While this move was much needed, it may be too late to catch up with the great strides in growth and relevance that Instagram has made, as detailed in L2’s Influencers Intelligence Report.

By remaining evergreen and spontaneous, fluid and reliable, and most importantly, encouraging exposure and growth for businesses and brands of all kinds, Instagram remains the largest platform for interactions.

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