From Amazon strategies to Stranger Things mania, here’s a look at the top 10 articles of 2017.

1. Why Amazon Bought Whole Foods
Amazon announced it would buy Whole Foods, cementing its ambitions to grow in the grocery space.

2. Why Most Retailers Fail at Omnichannel
Very few brands offer consumers a fully integrated and seamless shopping experience across all three channels.

3. Stranger Marketings
From Eggos to EDM, here’s how brands in every category milked the Stranger Things craze.

4. Amazon Quietly Rolls Out Activewear
Here’s the brief on the new brands being promoted by the e-tailer.

5. Measuring the Efficacy of Influencers
Influencer marketing has become a core component of many brands’ marketing strategies. But do they know what they’re paying for?

6. These Apps May Be the Future of Branding
As messaging becomes the next hot area for brand investment, most companies are ignoring increasingly popular platforms like WhatsApp and Slack.

7. WeChat vs. Alipay: The Mobile Payment Battle Goes Global
Alipay and WeChat Pay see the outbound Chinese tourist market as the next frontier.

8. Is Your Brand Good at Email?
L2’s Email report divides brands into four categories, according to both the number of emails they sent and the percentage of recipients who opened them.

9. The Digital Gucci Gang
Here’s how a brand known for its maximalism won over a generation known for its minimalism.

10. Glossier’s Next Move
Mobile platforms have become the primary gateway for delivery.

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